Training Courses in Emergency Medicine

Experienced and enthusiastic Australian Emergency Physicians, we are teaching a practically oriented series of lectures.

We cover common medical emergencies, as well as practical aspects of surviving your A&E job. We understand that you have some experience, but are going to be working much more independently now, and have a few questions.

The junior medical scene has changed a lot in the past few years, and we are always redesigning this course to allow for that.

The course is specifically designed for F2 doctors, about to start their first A&E job, but has a wider appeal to many.

Middle grade doctors in acute medical services and GPs who work in an Emergency setting have benefited from this as professional development.

This course is about restoring confidence, giving hints and tips from experienced A&E consultants, and adding relevant practical knowledge.

This may well be the best course in Acute Medicine you ever do!